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com::jgoodies::forms::util::LayoutStyle Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::jgoodies::forms::util::LayoutStyle:

com::jgoodies::forms::util::MacLayoutStyle com::jgoodies::forms::util::WindowsLayoutStyle

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Detailed Description

An abstract class that describes a layout and design style guide. It provides constants used to lay out panels consistently.

This class is work in progress and the API may change without notice. Therefore it is recommended to not write custom subclasses for production code. A future version of this class will likely collaborate with a class LogicalSize or StyledSize.

Karsten Lentzsch

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Definition at line 57 of file LayoutStyle.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract ConstantSize getButtonBarPad ()
abstract Size getDefaultButtonHeight ()
abstract Size getDefaultButtonWidth ()
abstract ConstantSize getDialogMarginX ()
abstract ConstantSize getDialogMarginY ()
abstract ConstantSize getLabelComponentPadX ()
abstract ConstantSize getLinePad ()
abstract ConstantSize getNarrowLinePad ()
abstract ConstantSize getParagraphPad ()
abstract ConstantSize getRelatedComponentsPadX ()
abstract ConstantSize getRelatedComponentsPadY ()
abstract ConstantSize getTabbedDialogMarginX ()
abstract ConstantSize getTabbedDialogMarginY ()
abstract ConstantSize getUnrelatedComponentsPadX ()
abstract ConstantSize getUnrelatedComponentsPadY ()
abstract boolean isLeftToRightButtonOrder ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LayoutStyle getCurrent ()
static void setCurrent (LayoutStyle newLayoutStyle)

Static Private Member Functions

static String getSystemProperty (String key)
static LayoutStyle initialLayoutStyle ()
static boolean isOSMac ()

Static Private Attributes

static LayoutStyle current = initialLayoutStyle()

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