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com::jgoodies::forms::builder::I15dPanelBuilder Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::jgoodies::forms::builder::I15dPanelBuilder:

com::jgoodies::forms::builder::PanelBuilder com::jgoodies::forms::builder::AbstractFormBuilder com::jgoodies::forms::builder::DefaultFormBuilder

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Detailed Description

A general purpose panel builder that uses the FormLayout to lay out JPanels. In addition to its superclass PanelBuilder this class provides convenience behavior to map resource keys to their associated internationalized (i15d) strings when adding labels, titles and titled separators.

The localized texts used in methods addI15dLabel and addI15dTitle can contain an optional mnemonic marker. The mnemonic and mnemonic index are indicated by a single ampersand (&). For example "&Save&quot, or "Save &as&quot. To use the ampersand itself, duplicate it, for example "Look&&Feel&quot.

Karsten Lentzsch
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Definition at line 64 of file I15dPanelBuilder.java.

Public Member Functions

final Component add (Component component)
final Component add (Component component, String encodedCellConstraints)
final Component add (Component component, CellConstraints cellConstraints)
final JLabel add (JLabel label, CellConstraints labelConstraints, Component component, CellConstraints componentConstraints)
final JLabel add15dTitle (String resourceKey, String encodedConstraints)
final JLabel addI15dLabel (String resourceKey, CellConstraints labelConstraints, Component component, CellConstraints componentConstraints)
final JLabel addI15dLabel (String resourceKey, String encodedConstraints)
final JLabel addI15dLabel (String resourceKey, CellConstraints constraints)
final JComponent addI15dSeparator (String resourceKey, String encodedConstraints)
final JComponent addI15dSeparator (String resourceKey, CellConstraints constraints)
final JLabel addI15dTitle (String resourceKey, CellConstraints constraints)
final JLabel addLabel (String textWithMnemonic, CellConstraints labelConstraints, Component component, CellConstraints componentConstraints)
final JLabel addLabel (String textWithMnemonic)
final JLabel addLabel (String textWithMnemonic, String encodedConstraints)
final JLabel addLabel (String textWithMnemonic, CellConstraints constraints)
final JComponent addSeparator (String text)
final JComponent addSeparator (String text, int columnSpan)
final JComponent addSeparator (String text, String encodedConstraints)
final JComponent addSeparator (String text, CellConstraints constraints)
final JLabel addTitle (String text)
final JLabel addTitle (String text, String encodedConstraints)
final JLabel addTitle (String text, CellConstraints constraints)
final void appendColumn (String encodedColumnSpec)
final void appendColumn (ColumnSpec columnSpec)
final void appendGlueColumn ()
final void appendGlueRow ()
final void appendLabelComponentsGapColumn ()
final void appendParagraphGapRow ()
final void appendRelatedComponentsGapColumn ()
final void appendRelatedComponentsGapRow ()
final void appendRow (String encodedRowSpec)
final void appendRow (RowSpec rowSpec)
final void appendUnrelatedComponentsGapColumn ()
final void appendUnrelatedComponentsGapRow ()
final int getColumn ()
final int getColumnCount ()
final Container getContainer ()
final FormLayout getLayout ()
final JPanel getPanel ()
final int getRow ()
final int getRowCount ()
 I15dPanelBuilder (JPanel panel, FormLayout layout, ResourceBundle bundle)
 I15dPanelBuilder (FormLayout layout, ResourceBundle bundle, JPanel panel)
 I15dPanelBuilder (FormLayout layout, ResourceBundle bundle)
final boolean isLeftToRight ()
final void nextColumn (int columns)
final void nextColumn ()
final void nextLine (int lines)
final void nextLine ()
final void nextRow (int rows)
final void nextRow ()
final void setAlignment (CellConstraints.Alignment hAlign, CellConstraints.Alignment vAlign)
final void setBorder (Border border)
final void setBounds (int column, int row, int columnSpan, int rowSpan)
final void setColumn (int column)
final void setColumnSpan (int columnSpan)
final void setComponentFactory (ComponentFactory newFactory)
final void setDefaultDialogBorder ()
final void setExtent (int columnSpan, int rowSpan)
final void setHAlignment (CellConstraints.Alignment alignment)
final void setLeftToRight (boolean b)
final void setOrigin (int column, int row)
final void setRow (int row)
final void setRowSpan (int rowSpan)
final void setVAlignment (CellConstraints.Alignment alignment)

Protected Member Functions

final CellConstraints cellConstraints ()
final CellConstraints createLeftAdjustedConstraints (int columnSpan)
final int getColumnIncrementSign ()
final ComponentFactory getComponentFactory ()
String getI15dString (String resourceKey)
int getLeadingColumn ()

Private Attributes

final ResourceBundle bundle

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